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The Importance of Children's Literature

Towards Nation Building: The Importance of Children's Literature

Lagos, Mabel Segun/NNMA, 2016

This lecture is part of a series of mandatory lectures presented by recipients of Nigeria's most prestigious award for academic excellence - the Nigerian National Order of Merit (NNOM). Mabel Segun, a 2009 recipient of the award, underscores the importance of children's literature in the overall development of a child.She explains how different categories of books influence children and give them an understanding of the world in which they are growing up. Parents, teachers, Librarians, and education advisors will benefit from the insights provided by the author.

Rhapsody: A Celebration of Nigerian Cooking and Food Culture

Rhapsody: a Celebration of Nigerian Cooking and Food Culture

Lagos, Mabelline Publications, 2007

This presentation of Nigerian food provides a wealth of multicultural information. This includes thought-provoking food-related proverbs, the motives behind food taboos and their dire penalties, the grandeur of yam and fishing festivals, food symbolism in child-naming ceremonies, rhapsodies by chanting food hawkers, the solemn kolanut ritual and delectable poems eulogizing certain foods. The introductions to the over eighty recipes are personal and humorous, often spiced with anecdotes about Nigerian idiosyncracies. The international relevance of the weights and measures used in the recipes makes them easy to use anywhere in the world.

The Surrender and other stories

The Surrender and other Stories

Essex, Longman Group Limited, 1995

In this collection of short stories, written over a time span of forty years, Mabel Segun portrays the situation of women in Nigerian societies showing some of the changes which have occurred in their status over the decades. All of life is here, from traditional rural life to contemporary cosmopolitan Lagos; from the vibrant nationalism of the days preceeding independence, to the horrors of the Civil War. In all of these stories, Mabel Segun explores the emotions of both men and women, and examines the stresses and pressures of life that can so easily break the spirit. The Surrender - the title story of this collection - won the 1954 National Festival of Arts Literature Prize.

Illustrating for Children

Illustrating for Children

Ibadan, CLAN, 1988

Illustrating for Children is the report of the first ever illustrators' training workshop in Nigeria. The workshop was designed to give graphic artists and illustrators the foundation for developing their visual communication skills in the area of children's literature through theoretical instruction and guided practice. This book will be useful to illustrators, authors, editors, publishers, production managers and all those concerned with the education of children not only in Nigeria but also in other African countries where there is a need to upgrade the visual presentation of children's books.

Ping Pong: Twenty-Five Years of Table Tennis

Ping Pong: Twenty-Five Years of Table Tennis

Ibadan, Daystar, 1989

When Mabel Segun started playing Table Tennis in Lagos in 1946, she was the first Nigerian woman to be active in the sport. Playing, officiating and coaching led ultimately to the National Sports Award in 1988. There are people who know Mabel Segun as a writer and poet. But there are others who associate her name with Table Tennis; member of the Nigerian Table Tennis Association from 1965 to 1971 and of the National Sports Commission from 1971 to 1975.

Conflict and other Poems

Conflict and other Poems

Ibadan, New Horn Press, 1986

This volume brings together for the first time all the poems of Mabel Segun, one of the earliest Nigerian writers to gain recognition. They span a period of thirty years and reflect the evolution of history and consciousness in Nigeria and Africa over that period. Many of the poems have widely anthologised and Mabel Segun's directness of style makes her work readily accessible to a general audience of poetry readers.

Sorry, No Vacancy

Sorry No Vacancy

Ibadan, Oxford University Press, 1977

In this collection, Mabel Segun has put together some of her most light-hearted and amusing stories about the Nigerian way of life. These were first broadcast in the NBC programmes Off Beat Views, In the Round, This and That, and Oddity between 1961 and 1974. Her lively and witty anecdotes cover the whole range of Nigerian experience, from the pitfalls of applying for work and the joys of polygamy to the hazards of Lagos and the rewards of Independence.