Table Tennis

Mabel Segun combines brain with brawn. This combination of her talents is borne out in her well-written book Ping Pong: Twenty-five Years of Table Tennis published in 1989 by Daystar Press, Ibadan. Her table-tennis career is studded with gold and silver medals, starting with the mixed doubles gold medal in the very first tournament played in Lagos in 1954, the women's singles having been won by an English woman. Other medals include the following:

  • Gold medal, National Women's Singles, 1957;
  • Gold medal, National Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles, 1963;
  • Silver medal, Women's Team, West African Games, Accra, 1964;
  • Gold medal, Coca Cola All-Nigeria Women's Singles and Mixed Doubles, 1967;
  • Silver medal, West African Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles
  • Gold medal, All-Nigeria Open Womens and Mixed Doubles, both of which she won in 1970 at the age of forty.

She also won several table tennis gold medals at Nigerian Regional Championships and a bronze medal in a new sport - badminton - in 1974 at the age of 44. . She won her last table tennis tournament -mixed doubles - and was runner up in the singles, in 1988 at the age of 58 playing against the girls of the University of Ibadan where she had been honorary coach for four years. That year her achievements as player, honorary coach and sports administrator, including a four-year spell as the only female member of the National Sports Commission Executive between !971 and 1975, were crowned with the prestigious National Sports Award. In 1996 she was made an honorary member of the Nigeria Olympic Committee for her contributions to the Nigeria Olympic Movement.