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My Father's DaughterMy Father's Daughter

Lagos, African Universities Press, 1965

This story captures the essence of life in a small, rural society at the transitional stage between an animist past and a technological future. Unlike most of the works set in transitional African societies, the emphasis is not the stock-in-trade culture-clash. The focus here is on the balance which the community strives to achieve between man and nature, between man and man, regardless of differences in religious or cultural belief, and between parents and their offspring.

My Mother's DaughterMy Mother's Daughter

Ibadan, African Universities Press, 1986

This is an absorbing story of a Nigerian woman who looks back on the joys, fears, and sorrows of her childhood days with implicit depth of gratitude to her childhood days with implicit depth and gratitude to her widowed mother to whom she feels overwhelmingly indebted for fighting against the forces of circumstances to set her on the right track to her present social status.

Ping Pong: Twenty-Five Years of Table Tennis

Ping PongIbadan, Daystar, 1989

When Mabel Segun started playing Table Tennis in Lagos in 1946, she was the first Nigerian woman to be active in the sport. Playing, officiating and coaching led ultimately to the National Sports Award in 1988. There are people who know Mabel Segun as a writer and poet. But there are others who associate her name with Table Tennis; member of the Nigerian Table Tennis Association from 1965 to 1971 and of the National Sports Commission from 1971 to 1975.